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These testimonials are from Casting Directors, Agents and Talents that have worked with our staff for over 30 years

Catrine Mcgregor

Catrine McGregor has been working in the film and television industry as a producer, director, and casting director for over 35 years and is a member of the prestigious Casting Society of America (CSA). Catrine is the head of Casting Development for Golden Leaf Pictures. She has done an extensive amount of filming on location, films, TV, and movies-of-the-week.

Booked On:

My Girlfriend's Boyfriend

The Amazing Race 16

Days of Our Lives

E! True Hollywood Story

Brandy Snow

Booked On:

Borderlands 2

Smirnoff Sours National commercial

Nike Jordan Infomercial National

Kyle Goffney

Booked On:
Benefit Cosmetics Commercial
National Hyatt Hotels Commercial
National Hyundai "Don't Tell" Commercial

Booked on:

Vanquisher (2014)

Elie's Overcoat (2012)

Diary of a Vampire (2012).

Nahid Samandar

Booked On:

The Talk

Dr. Phil


Julia Louiza

Daneida Castillo

Booked On:

AHF Pharmacy Commercial

Disney "Abuelos" Commercial and Print Campaign

Machete (2010)

Booked On:

National Adidas Campaign
Dr. Drew
The Peoples Court

Let's Make A Deal

Jennifer Rosario

booked on:



The Parkers


Not only is Jennifer an amazing agent here at Wild, but she is a star in her own right. Besides being the host of Jenny From The Block on 91.9fm New York, she was a power house talent before coming on as an agent

Danice Page

Booked On:

Edison electric Commercial

Womens World Commercial

The Verdict

"The Wild Models Talent Agency offers 30 years of experience representing SAG & Non-Union Talent & Models for Film, TV, Commercials, Voiceovers.Kurt Clements has a great eye for diverse talent when it comes to submitting and booking those he represents.He has always provided competitive cutting edge technology to assure the Agency's ongoing success in this ever evolving business."

Danice Page

John Gabaldon

Booked On:



Buchananas Whiskey Commercial

"For over eight years I've been with Wild Models and I'm thankful for them as they put me in front of Disney, Comcast and other major players and thanks to their constant auditions that they secured for me, I have booked Hyundai, Univision and most recently a Buchanans Whiskey commercial.  The owner Kurt Clements is hands on and is always available if you have any questions or concerns about auditions as they come up too which gives you the extra care you want in a Talent Agent."-JOHN GABALDON

Elizabeth Ince

Booked On:

The Encounter (2010)

Days Of Lives: Recurring


Mad men

I am happy to recommend Kurt Clements and Wild Models Talent Agency.

I have been a client for five years and have been perfectly happy with the services provided.  In fact, I couldn't dream of being anywhere else.  Kurt is available 24/7 (I don't know how he does it), submits me frequently, notifies me immediately of auditions and bookings, and works with me on rescheduling when necessary.  In addition, he negotiates my sometimes special requests to production without complaint.  He is warm, supportive, funny and really good at what he does.  I look forward to continuing to work with him and the Agency.

 Edgar Pevsnar

Booked On:
National Gamestop Commercial

"I booked my first commercial through Wild Models Talent Agency. It was a national GAMESTOP campaign where I played the infamous Comrade Kielbasa. No matter where my acting career takes me, I will always look back fondly upon it. Thanks Kurt Clements" - Edgar Pevsnar

Clint Clark

Booked On:

National Bank of America Print

Bigger Than The Beatles

Paper Mache

"I've been with Wild Models for over four years. My agent Kurt has been extremely communicative and works to get me out on great auditions. I have confidence in Wild Models because when I sign in at auditions I peak at the sign in list and have noticed other talent singing in from all the other major agencies in L.A. Wild Models is right up there putting their talent in as well! Wild has also developed a repertoire with casting directors as I have been in front of a lot of the same CD several times."  -  Clint Clark

Alex Chau

Booked On:

Hello Kitty Runway

National Verizon Campaign

National Beats by Dre Campaign

"In the few years I have been with them, Wild Models has gotten me booked for print ads and commercials for Beats by Dre, Virgin America, Samsung and Verizon. Kurt, my main contact at the agency, has always been extremely helpful, friendly and supportive. I always trust that he is working hard on my behalf to get me seen by as many casting directors for as many jobs as possible. After all, all an agency can do is get you in the door. The rest of really up to you."  -  Alex Chau

Aura Trentin

Booked on:

Verizon Commercial

Hasbro Commercial

Miriam Matabaro

Booked On:


The Carrie Diaries

Saturday Night Live

Sex and The City 2

Helen Wong

Booked on:



Yes! Man

How Do I look?

Tyra Banks Show

The Young and The Restless

William Kleist

Angela Woods "Stikks"


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